About Us

Captain’s Reel Charters provides individual and group fishing trips for deep sea fishing and ocean/bay crabbing. Each season of the year offers unique charters & attractions.

Ocean excursions can be close to shore for rock fishing or ocean crabbing. We also travel into deep water for Halibut, and troll for Salmon. Our charters can extend up to 100 miles off shore fishing for Albacore Tuna.

"The staff at Captain’s Reel Deep Sea Fishing are experienced with providing you all the up-to-the-minute information, and we work to provide you with the fun you so richly deserve!"

- The Captain

Family Owned & Operated
Over 30 years in business
Daily Fishing Trips (in-season & weather permitting)

“Barbara Powell”

40+ years experience in Customer Relations
30+ years experience in Business Management
Human Resources
Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable

“I strive to make sure every customer leaves our shop with a great feeling and desire to join us again for a great fishing adventure!”

“Jerry Powell”

50+ years experience in Deep Sea Fishing
3rd Generation Fisherman

“I want to ensure that every customer enjoys their fishing experience and continues the traditions for generations to come!”


“Jerald Shaffer”
Longfin Captain

20+ years experience
100 ton United States Coast Guard Masters License

“I always try to make a fisherman’s experience exciting!”


“Sarah Clarke” Office Manager

10 years management experience
10 years human resources experience
6 years marketing experience

“I truly love my job; I love being on the ocean and ocean fishing and when I can’t actually be on the ocean, I do the next best thing which is getting others on the ocean!”

“Noah Clarke” Longfin Deckhand

5 years ocean experience
1 year commercial fishing experience

“I strive to be the very best. Life isn’t about who you are, it’s who you become.”